Please Note: While Working Trials are one of the most interesting and fun activities which we have ever been involved in, we have come to realize that the commitment required to promote and develop this complex and challenging sport, in conjunction with the numerous other interests and activities in our lives, is too great.  At this time we will no longer be actively promoting the sport at the state or national level, nor will we accept money for membership or dog registations.  However, we will continue to record Working Trials trials, qualifications and titles which are consistent with the AAWTS rules and regulations, and we will continue to award titles when appropriate.  If the opportunity presents itself to take this effort back up, we will do so, or if another suitable group or organization is found to take the lead on this effort, we will pursue it.  Until then, we are continuing to train our dogs and those around us who express an interest in Working Trials. Please feel free to contact us.
            Regards, - Mark & Kim Donnell

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