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Waggin' Tails Agility Program

Rates and Class Policies


Level 1 is a 6 week beginner class and the fee is $115. You must be able to attend all 6 classes. If you miss a Level 1 class, you will be responsible for scheduling and paying for a make-up lesson.

Levels 2 - 5 are ongoing classes that may be joined as soon as you and your dog have gained the skills to pass the previous level class. At this point you buy blocks of 4 classes with discounts for buying larger blocks. Attendance is taken every week and you are not charged for classes you do not attend.

$65 for 4 classes
$120 for 8 classes
$175 for 12 classes
$230 for 16 classes
$275 for 20 classes
$500 for 1 year time frame (NOT a set number of classes)

If you are not a current Waggin' Tails student but already do agility with your dog and just need a place to practice, you may use our field for $10/month. Simply call 990-2016 to arrange it. You will need to print and fill out a registration form (below) and send it in with your fee.


Class size for Level 1 is limited to 8 dogs to ensure that each student receives ample attention from the instructor. This class is for dogs 6 months and older. If your dog is too young to start the next group agility class, consider private lessons until he's old enough to move to group classes. He may even be able to begin at Level 2.

  1. Check the schedule for upcoming class start dates and times.
  2. Call (990-2016) or email to confirm that a spot is available.
  3. Then complete and return a registration form with your payment.
  4. Your spot is reserved when we receive your paperwork and class fee.


Occasionally we have to cancel class. Reasons can include weather, illness, and holidays. If Waggin' Tails cancels a class for any reason we will begin the next week where we left off, you will not miss a lesson. Because we train outside, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and, for the safety and comfort of our students, will not hold classes during rain or lightning storm, if the temperature is over 100° (or heat index over 105°), or the temperature (or wind chill) is under 40°. If we need to cancel class due to the weather, the announcement will be posted on the Waggin' Tails office answering machine, (512)990-2016. It is the responsibility of the student to check the message before coming out to class if there is any question about the weather. Remember that the weather may be fine at your house but not here, or the other way around. 


If you choose to drop out of class, you will receive a refund according to the following chart:

Prior to first Level 1 class: 75% refund of class fee. (100% if you fill your spot with another student)
After the first Level 1 class: 75% refund of class fee.
After the second Level 1 class: 50% refund of class fee.
After the third Level 1 class: 25% refund of class fee.
No refund will be given if you cancel after the fourth Level 1 class.

If you have paid for a block of classes in Levels 2-5 and decide to drop out, you will receive a refund of $8/class for the remaining time.

Since space in Level 1 is limited, no full refunds are given. Refunds are calculated not just on the time a dog spends in class, but also the spot that another dog could have taken and to compensate for administrative costs including but not limited to preparation time that goes into each class and individual clients and dogs, actual trainer time spent in (and sometimes out of) class, and production of course materials.


We do not allow dogs with serious aggression problems in group classes, but we would be glad to assist with behavior problems (or refer you to a specialist) before enrolling you in the agility program. If you have already started a class and we determine that your dog is too aggressive to remain in a group class setting, your dog will change to private lessons and the remainder of your class fees (as determined by us) will be applied at the private lesson rate.

Family members 10 yrs. and up are welcome to participate. Children under 14 yrs. must have a participating adult as the primary trainer or at least the assistant. Please, no unsupervised children.

All dogs must be healthy, clean, flea-free, and on heartworm preventative. If you have any questions about this please ask your veterinarian or call us.

Bring to class a variety of yummy treats and a couple of toys that your dog will like. You will use these as rewards along with praise and petting.

Classes are an hour each week to teach you step by step how to teach your dog the skills. In order to see continuous improvement each week you will need to commit to practicing between classes. Work on some skills at home and feel free to come out to Waggin' Tails as often as you like to practice.  Once you are enrolled in an agility class you may practice on the equipment anytime there is not a scheduled activity on the field. Field hours are from dawn to 10pm.