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Waggin' Tails Obedience Program

The Obedience Course Outline

Each level teaches manners, general obedience, some Canine Good Citizen skills, Rally Obedience exercises, and agility obstacles and silly pet tricks to make it fun and reinforce skills. We also have some off-leash social playtime to help the dogs learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs. Each level has a skills test to pass in order to move up to the next level.

Level 1 - "Getting Started" - Relationship Building, Basic Skills, and FUN!

  • This level focuses on getting the basics: sit, down, stand, attention and eye contact, proper greetings and leash manners, begin stay and come, and leadership exercises.
  • Agility - tunnels, table, ramps, and jumps - teach your dog to negotiate obstacles
  • Silly pet tricks - spin, back up, look away

Level 2 - "Understanding the Basics" - Confidence in Skills and FUN!

  • This level focuses on getting the dogs to really understand the basic skills started in level 1 and getting you to really understand the training process.
  • Moving attention - walking on a leash without pulling, paying attention to owner, and ignoring the other dogs. Then you can teach your dog anything!
  • Recall - on leash, no matter what!
  • Stay - sit, down, and stand
  • Talks on - nutrition, digging, potty habits, mouthing, chewing, etc.
  • Agility - chute, tire jump, more jumps and ramps - it's fun, plus builds confidence and balance
  • Tricks - roll over, treat on paws, hand touch, weave around the legs, head down

Level 3 - "Strengthening the Basics" - Distractions and FUN!

  • This level focuses on teaching the dogs to ignore all sorts of distractions while practicing and improving their skills.
  • Recall - practice on and off leash with varied distractions
  • Stay - sit, down, and stand with tons of distractions
  • Heeling - straight lines and circles, turns, passing other dogs, Rally & CGC exercises
  • Distance control - sit, down, and stand
  • Talks on grooming (bathing, brushing, nails, teeth, ears, etc.)
  • Agility - weave poles, long jump, practice previous obstacles
  • Silly pet tricks - shake, wave, high 5, dead dog, bow, beg/dance, touch (bell, hand, ball, etc.), pray, salute, yes/no

Level 4 - "Polishing the Basics" - Off leash, Distance, and FUN!

  • This level focuses on more distractions, working off leash and at a distance
  • Recall - off leash, no matter what!
  • Stay - sit, down, and stand at a distance for a longer time - also, out of sight stays
  • Heeling - harder turns, automatic sit, fast, slow, more Rally obedience skills
  • Canine Good Citizen skills - practice CGC test
  • Agility - dog walk, a-frame, teeter, practice obstacles - now you are ready for Level 2 agility!
  • Silly pet tricks - crawl, hug, drop on recall, around, go to spot, speak